Welcome to Arrow Clothing!

Hi Friends! Welcome to Arrow Clothing!

We hope you are loving our online boutique as much as we are and wanted to share a few things about Arrow Clothing with you. Arrow Clothing was created to bring everyday styles to the everyday woman on a budget! Whether you’re working and going to school, working and paying rent or a mortgage or a super busy stay at home mama, you are our everyday woman. Our clothes you see on our website will always be worn by an everyday woman. You read that right! Everyday women. No models! Why don’t we use models? Our owner Amanda Valderas has shopped at more online boutiques than you can imagine, and one thing was always for sure. The clothes were either worn by models who were super thin or extremely tall and the website didn’t show how the clothes truly fit. How many times have you ordered a piece of clothing that looks one way on the website and then when you receive it, it looks nothing like it did on the model!? So frustrating! With Arrow Clothing, there is no wondering if the color or look of the item will be different than on the website, or wondering how something will fit before it gets to you. We pride ourselves on being real and authentic. Our detailed descriptions of each item will help you decide if the item is for you or not. We also have size charts on each product’s page to help you figure out what size would be best for you. But even after all of that, if you still aren’t sure how something will fit, we are more than happy to discuss the sizing of any of our items with you. With us, you are never on your own and we love getting to know each and every one of you, so please never hesitate to send us an email or message! The everyday woman is our go-to. She’s not your typical model; she’s a mom, a working woman, a college student looking for great styles on a budget! Now, if you’re the everyday woman looking for great styles on a budget, come shop with us!! We hope you enjoy everything that Arrow Clothing has to offer and we’re so excited for this amazing adventure with you all!